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Dumplings have personalities too...


Let's start by introducing our chicken dumpling. We'll call her Charlie. Charlie is bold and confident, she's a real charmer. She's wrapped up in a delicate, silky skin thats been carefully folded and pinched. She's bursting with bostock free range chicken, fresh flavours of kaffir lime, lemongrass and ginger. She enjoys a bit of a spicy kick, often requesting our chilli oil to be smothered on top of her. Overall she is a fun loving adventurous gal that is not afraid to try new things and experiment with bold flavours. 


Next is our Beef dumpling. Let's call her Bella. Bella is a plump and juicy dumpling, filled with NZ beef and sweet, flavourful carrots. She's wrapped up in a soft and slightly chewy skin that's just the right thickness to hold in all of her juicy goodness. Bella is a bit of a show-off, always eager to be the centre of attention. She's confident and outgoing, with a warm and welcoming personality that draws people in for more! Bella loves to be paired with our dipping sauce, which heightens all her punchy flavours. Then, topped with a good squiggle of sriracha mayo and crispy shallots, it adds a creaminess and crunch that you can't resist. She's always up for a party, and she's the life of the dumpling plate. She is the perfect dumpling to share with friends, bringing people together with her deliciousness.


Next up we have Pippin. Despite his uncomplicated nature, Pippin has a greatness that cannot be denied. Filled with Holly Bacon NZ pork, finely shredded cabbage and a delicate blend of seasonings, he really is a flavoursome crowd favourite. Pippin is a bit of a silly dumpling, with a playful light hearted personality that kids cant even resist. He loves to be accompanied by our signature dipping sauce that brings out the natural sweetness of the cabbage and the savoury flavours of the pork. Pippin is always up for a game, and he's the perfect companion for a fun family meal. Loved by all, he embodies the essence of comfort food, providing a sense of warmth and satisfaction with every bite. 


Lastly we have, Vinny. He's a real go-getter! Bursting with energy and always eager to try new things. His adventurous spirit means that he's never content sticking with the same old flavours - he's always pushing boundaries and coming up with new and exciting combinations of vegetables and spices. Despite his bold personality, Vinny is also very down to earth. He's a real people person and loves nothing more that bringing joy to those around him. His warm, friendly demeanour makes him a hit at parties and gatherings. But Vinny isn't just a fun loving social butterfly - he's also health conscious. He knows that a plant based diet is not only good for his body, but also for the environment. He takes pride in the fact that he's not only delicious, but also a sustainable choice for anyone looking to eat more plant based foods. Overall Vinny is a real catch - full of flavour, personality, and wholesome goodness. 

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