Get your monthly fix of delicious handmade dumplings delivered straight to your door in Hawke’s Bay! (No rural delivery available) 
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When can we order?

Ordering is a breeze! Simply place your dumpling and chilli oil orders online by the 10th of each month for delivery on the 15th.


Can I order dumplings if I live rural?

We don’t offer delivery to rural addresses, but we can arrange a pick up location.

How do I store my dumplings?

Store your dumplings in the freezer, and enjoy the convenience of cooking them directly from frozen. A delicious meal in less than 15 minutes. Easy as!


What condiments should I serve?

Pair your dumplings with our top pick – Peg & Pickle chilli oil. You could also enjoy them with soy sauce, Chinese black vinegar, sweet chilli, kewpie mayo or sriracha mayo. Take your plate of dumplings to the next level by adding sliced spring onion, fresh coriander or chives, crispy shallots or sesame seeds.


What oil do we use in our Chilli oil? 

We use Village Press olive oil in our chilli oil for its exquisite flavour, health benefits and exceptional quality. This monosaturated fat sourced from olives not only enhances taste but also offers heart-healthy properties and adds unique richness to our product. 

When are deliveries?

Deliveries for local Hawkes Bay areas (Napier/Hastings excluding rural locations) occur on
the 15th of each month. Ordering needs to be placed by the 10th .


What if I live outside of Hawkes Bay?

At this stage, we do not deliver outside of the Hawkes Bay. We are working on being able to offer our frozen dumplings nationwide in 2024.


How do I cook my dumplings?

For best results, we recommend steam frying your dumplings in a non-stick pan for 8 minutes with water – it’s our top choice. Alternatively, you can steam them for 8 minutes if that's more to your liking.


Are the vegetable dumplings vegan?

Yes, our vegetable dumplings are vegan.


Extra Details

Please add any dietary requirements or allergies to the ‘Special Instructions’ box while checking out or email us directly

Limited monthly stock operates on a first-in, first-served basis. Stay in the loop – subscribe to our emails to keep up with the latest updates and offerings.

Are you interested in wholesale dumplings? Send us a message and we can connect. Peg & Pickle offer flavour packed dumplings that are crafted with local ethical produce and handmade with love.

Dumplings available for wholesale:
- Chicken & Kaffir Lime
- Pork & Cabbage
- Beef & Carrot
- 5 Spice Vegetable (Vegan)

For detailed descriptions of each dumpling, please visit our ‘Dumplings’ page. We look forward to discussing how our delicious offerings can complement your business.

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